Bang-up to bangers - Tracy Mackness' story.

In the last 3 years of my sentence I went to an open prison in Kent, where I worked on a pig farm. They would make sausages out of these pigs and joints of pork and then sell them at farmer’s markets. I trained to become a butcher and a sausage maker, and when I came out of prison in 2007, I brought 30 pigs out with me that I’d bred whilst while I was in there. I knew that by bringing the pigs out with me, I was going straight into it. There wasn’t any other option.

Quite a lot’s happened since then. Now I’ve got 800 pigs, I do 65 flavours of sausage, I’ve got 14 vans on the road and I’ve got 22 staff. When I look back at my time in prison, I realise I could’ve earned more money from sausages than I did from crime!

Tracy, owner of the Giggly Pig Company.