Getting Organised - Sarah's Top Tips

Getting Organised - Sarah's Top Tips

If you’ve got a loved one in prison and want to help them settle into life after release, we’ve got some top tips for you. Why not share them in your next letter or phone call?

These top tips are all about getting properly organised for release.

  • Before you meet with resettlement/support agencies think about what you need from the meeting.
  • Bring a notebook/diary to meetings and make notes of what is discussed so you can refer back to them.
  • You will be getting given a lot of information in the run up to release and it can be hard to remember everything.
  • In the meeting make sure you are clear about any referrals being made, who the agencies and contacts are, what the timescale is for hearing back, what the next steps will be.
  • Also find out if there are things you need to do, like complete application or referral forms.

For more top tips, listen to We Are Straightline, the show about getting out of prison. Your loved ones can listen to the same show on National Prison Radio on Fridays 12 midday, repeated at 6pm and Sundays at 2pm.