We Are Straightline #1 - First Day Out

Getting out of prison might feel like the best day of your life.

But if you’ve got no money and nowhere to live, the road back to prison could be a short one.

Hillary and Brenda caught up with Bilal as he walked out of HMP Brixton, after spending just under a year inside.

The 24 year old man you’re about to meet is technically broke, has no phone and nowhere to live.

This odds are stacked against him. Nearly half of adults getting out of prison reoffend within a year of being released.

And for those serving sentences of under a year, just like Bilal, that stat jumps to two thirds!

But Bilal’s support worker Sarah has other plans for him...

We Are Straightline is your guide to life after prison. People inside prison can listen to the show on 12pm and 6pm Fridays, repeated again 2pm on Sundays, so tell them to get involved!

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